by VeBeaut Team - August 2020

We Are Sustainable!

Sustainability is one of our key cores at Vebeaut - we not only want to provide the best vegan beauty and skin care products: we also make to sure our planet is taken care of.

The beauty and personal care product industry is notorious for its damage to the planet, marine wildlife and contamination of the human food supply chain. As consumers, we constantly use plastic without even realising how much it impacts our environment, and in fact, some studies has found that the UK generates almost 0.22kg of plastic on a single day. Moreover, the beauty industry generates 120 billion units of packaging every single year, which makes it the number one contributor to plastic production to our planet.

Due to the above reasons, our Founder and CEO, Alexandra Linares, is committed to create and minimize the packaging experience to all of our beauts. Our cardboard's boxes and skin care jars are 100% recycled. Our tube lipsticks and lipgloss are made with recycled plastic and paper and have a biodegradable lamination finishing. In addition, the lipstick packaging is also made with recyclable paper and its purely made to keep small items and make it re-usable (do not throw it, is very cute and useful).

Moreover, the founder will continue to research and minimize waste in both the packaging and products. As technology advances, it will help us as a brand to innovate and integrate new circular businesses models to protect our planet.